Exclusively Limited Edition, just like you!

Yoga Sexy is a collection of the sexiest limited edition yoga wear for you! You work hard for a sexy body. You deserve the sexy clothing to go with. We donate 10% of profits to Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. So you can shop knowing you are helping to save the lives of our furry friends!

Limited Edition Details

Yes,all our custom products are limited editions of 24!

Showing up to yoga class or the gym,in an awesome new pair if pants or a sexy new top. Only to find two other girls wearing the exact same outfit really sucks! Don't let this happen to you!

We will only produce 24 of each pattern, regardless of size.

Truly unique,just like you!

And unless you and a friend conspire to buy the same thing,you are almost certain to be the only one wearing your Yoga Sexy gear.

And just in case that's not exclusive enough for you,check out our "one of a kinds" page.

Any subsequent orders processed before a product is removed,will be fully refunded.

About Yoga Sexy

Hello,welcome,and namaste.

I'm Eric Smith,Owner/Creator of Yogasexy.co 

Here's my FB   (https://www.facebook.com/Serpendream)

I'm a self taught digital artist        

And a self taught internet entrepreneur.

I practice yoga and Wing Chun Kung Fu, though not half as often as I would like:)

Yogasexy is my entrepreneurial dream/gift/vehicle/creative vision. Creating truly unique art in a highly desired format,that supports and encourages all women to be proud and confident in their beauty.While raising money for puppies & kittens.

So why women's yoga wear? It's the perfect fusion of interests.Allowing me to combine my artistic creativity and entrepreneurial endeavors, with my interests in yoga,martial arts,and fitness.With the incredible beauty of the female form as my creative canvas.I am honored by every purchase,and hope every woman feels sexy,confident,and empowered wearing my creations.

All Yogasexy products(excluding logo gear and one of a kinds) are limited editions of 48 pieces.

Allowing for a level of uniqueness and rarity unequaled elsewhere.

Thank you for supporting Yogasexy.co!

And Hey!, drop an email in the box below to get sweet deals and stay in touch. Promise not to spam you :)